Our equal opportunities policy

Swan Housing Association are committed to equal opportunities. We expect everyone who works for us to support us in this. This is what we will do:

  • Treat all people equally, whatever their race, colour, ethnic origin, religion, sex, age, sexuality, physical or mental disability, state of health, appearance, marital status or family circumstances
  • Help ethnic groups who are disadvantaged in housing and employment by encouraging members of these groups to apply for jobs and homes
  • Keep a record of the ethnic origin, sex and disability of everyone who applies to us for a home or job
  • Keep in mind our commitment to equal opportunities when we decide who serves on our committees
  • Make sure everyone we work with, or who works for us, knows about our policy and keeps to it. If any of these people have their own policy, we will make sure it fits with ours
  • Take equal opportunities into account when we update our housing and employment policies and procedures, by regular monitoring at our schemes.